Extinction of Childhood

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October, 11th. 2015 The extinction of childhood Halloween is around the corner. First thing that comes to mind is candy; for adults and of course children. Usually the common solution for child safety during Halloween is to check your child’s good bag when they get back home. But what if, the homes own medicine cabinet is the real danger? Vyvanse, Concerta, Methylin, Ritalin, and Adderall being the most commonly used drugs prescribed for ADHD. Over 160 annual cases were pharmaceutical drugs that were maliciously used on children. Parents don’t realize the dangers they’ve put their own children at risk with when giving them these addictive, harsh drugs affecting children severely short and long term. Pharmaceutical drugs are…show more content…
I’m a mother myself, so I can relate to how hectic it is to have a child, especially a noisy, active one. I’ve had teachers from my son’s school pressure me into taking my son “tested” for ADHD. F.Y.I. for people who do not know, there is no test to diagnose ADHD. People not only want their food, service, and life fast, but they also want their children to grow up fast. Do you know that if your child is in constant motion, squirmish, makes careless mistakes, lose things, doesn’t listen, easily distracted, and doesn’t finish tasks then, by the common symptoms physicians go by, you or someone else has ADHD? Then it would be not only every child in America but also every adult, everyone makes mistakes, everyone can be restless at times, doesn’t listen to their bosses or even parents. There is no perfect child, and simply giving medication to make that possible isn’t the trick. All of the medications for them are addictive, have major effects on the body with huge health risks. My opinion seems very one sided, so I went for another opinion and gained unexpected feedback. A parent of a child that takes controlled substances for Tourette’s, prescribed Adderall 0.5mg taken once a day, which is also a medication used for ADHD patients. I expected the parent to describe it as, well bettering for her son, and everything seems better now that he’s been on it. Turns out she described it as the
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