Extra Credit Reengineering The Corporation

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Extra Credit Reengineering The Corporation

As business grows and gets bigger; it gets more complex, challenging,

and difficult to manage a corporation. There are pros and cons of having big

business and small businesses, in way small business might be easy to

manage and it can operation efficiently but cannot take a big hit when large

expenses occurs like bad economy, lawsuits, and so on. Corporations must

strive to be not only efficient, but be very innovative. For instance, the

bigger pizza chains like Pizza Hut is dominating over smaller independently

owned pizza chains because Pizza Hut is reengineering their corporation

through innovative measures like: making iPhone Apps, developing efficient

ways to deliver pizza, and researching drone technology to deliver that

pizza. Instead, many independent pizza chains use the old fashioned way of

receiving order from calling on a telephone when it can be all done with a

touch of an iPhone! Many companies like Pizza Hut, Texas Instruments,

Progressive Insurance, Amazon, Apple, Google, Intel, FedEx, UPS, and

many other successful Fortune 500 Companies incorporates Business

Process Organization. World War 2 has brought many fields of study and

research. How do we manage large amounts of people? How do we motivate

people and reduce turnover? How do we make our manufacturing process

more efficient? How do we sell off goods that people does not need? How

do we get rid of the goods? How do we…
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