Extra Curricular Activities Affect Students Learning And Academic Performance

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Extra-curricular activities can affect students learning and academic performance because of time management skills. Students who engage in extra-curricular activities have difficulty managing their time. For instance, activities such as basketball and volleyball requires a lot of energy and dedication. Don’t you think these students are going to adhere to the principles every activity demands of them? Especially those students that enjoy the sport? Activities may take more than several hours which leaves students with insufficient time to complete their homework or to study for exams. When these students deplete their energies, they don’t have enough to aid retain and keep them active during class hours and as a result they become less motivated, and tired which will affect their learning and academic performance. Also, “parents may push their child/children to be involved in many activities or by forcing them to participate when they do not want to be involved and this can lead students to be afraid to quit for fear of disappointing the parent(s)” (Wilson). Thus, it may be difficult to manage their school work and to please their parents at the same time and this can affect their learning and academic performance. Opponent’s second argument- distraction. Another negative effect of extra-curricular activities on learning and academic performance is students becoming distracted. Students may become consumed by an activity that they sometimes tend to forget about
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