Extra-Curricular to Academic Performance of Various Organizations

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Chapter 1 The Problem and its Setting Introduction In educational institution, success is measured by academic performance. Students were exposed to established a foundation and to meet the standards of school set-up. With that, education is the road to success in the working world. Much effort must be made to identify, track and encourage the progress of students in schools. Involvement in school’s extra-curricular activities, is one of the students way to develop and enhance their skills. Activities performed by the students’ in which relevant to their chosen field is known to be extra-curricular activities1. These activities can help the students not just to develop their skills but also for them to gain peers and learn how to…show more content…
On the other hand, some students engaged in this activity because of affiliation need was satisfied from their organization they join with, thus their academic performance tend to be inspired by this need satisfaction4. Hierarchy of needs shows the level of needs of every individual. As this is proposed by Abraham Maslow, this hierarchy shows the basic need of every individual. As given in the theory which hierarchy is the physiological needs, safety needs, need for love and belongingness, need for self-esteem, and need for self-actualization. As part of the hierarchy of needs, the need for self-esteem shows the student’s confidence on how to manage both extra-curricular and academic performance at the same time. Moreover, with this, they can earn the high level of self-respect and also respect from others5. Theoretical Framework Fig.2 Research paradigm theory shows the need for affiliation, power and achievement. Implies a good effect on academic performance Statement of the Problem The researcher will investigate the effect of extra-curricular to the academic performance of the selected students currently enrolled in Centro Escolar University-Makati school year 2010-2011. Specifically, it will seek answers to the following questions 1. What is the
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