Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter by Tom Bissell Essay

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12 May 2013 Summary and Response Tom Bissell, in his essay, “Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter” has described video games and how they are unique and different from movies, books, or even interactive films. Bissell says “I came to accept that games were incompetent with almost every aspect of what I would call traditional narrative.” This is showing the readers that even though there is a plot and story line, as characters can control and alter the story line or outcome by what you do or see throughout the game. Bissell Explains he likes the freedom of being able to control what he sees and the fact that it’s “intensely private.” Bissell states that
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My research shows that about four hundred billion eighty nine million four hundred thirty seven thousand eight hundred forty seven video games are created each year worldwide, with those kind of numbers any one person could play games for their whole life and not even put a dent in it, it is very overwhelming. With more and more children spending time on video games society changes a little more. Being able to play games without the internet makes it easier to play but for those that do have internet for their video games seem to spend twice the amount of time playing because they are playing with friends and talk and IM during the game. Reading this essay has caused me to do more research on this specific topic and the things I have found are disturbing. Video games change your mind set, your way of thinking and can affect you for the rest of your life, so when it comes to the violent video games we are turning into a more violent society. It has been studied that playing video games can affect your dreams, and your dreams affect how you feel and treat people, it’s a never ending circle. Through playing video games we are spending less and less time with one another and I think it’s a crying shame. We as a society are naturally social people and the fact that with our recent technology we have become more and more independent. Numerous of times I have found myself playing video games and thinking I really need to do something but never getting up to actually

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