Extract And The Evident In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Using Extract as starting point how have composers positioned the audience to embrace their opinions surrounding the impact of politics on individuals
“Infant nurseries. Neo- Pavlovian Conditioning Rooms, announced the notice board”
Composer have different perspectives on politics in society, particularly freedom and political control, thus they represent their intentions, through medium of text , using event, situations and personality to influence individual’s perspective of politics in society– changed thesis instaed of the one below maybe
Individuals are subjected to different perspectives of situations, events and personalities in society, thus Composers present their representation of ideologies including freedom of choice and control by power through mediums of text to influence readers’ perspectives of politics in society. Such is Evident in Aldous Huxley’s satirical dystopian fiction (1932) Brave New World, as influenced by the progression of England society, he explores an exaggerated construct of societal politics, through the fictional “World State”, which utilises extreme hierarchal system, and biologically mass-produced pavilion humans to support society. Whilst Thomas Moore’s Satirical Utopian fiction (1516) Utopia, explores the contrast of England’s Monarchical construct, to his fictional ideal society utopia, presenting the notion of, non-subjective use of power and politics, can enhance people’s function in society and when given freedom of choice, they

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