Extraction Of The Volatile Compounds. Twenty Five Gram

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Extraction of the Volatile Compounds
Twenty five gram of Nigella sativa L. seeds (black cumin) was macerated with a mill and they were immersed in 50 ml of methanol overnight twice. After filtration, the supernatant was diluted and adjusted to a 10% methanol aqueous solution with water purified by the Milli-Q system. The diluted solution was subjected to chromatography in a column packed with 2 g of Porapak Q resin (porous polymer resin). The adsorbed compounds were eluted with 300 ml of a mixture of pentane and diethyl ether (1:1), after the water-soluble compounds such as amino acids and sugars had been removed with 200 ml of purified water. The elute was dried over anhydrous sodium sulfate, and the solvent was evaporated at 39.5oC under
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Tentative identifications were made in cases for which an authentic reference standard was not available and identification could only be made on the basis of MS data.
Percent peak areas were calculated by dividing the peak area for a particular peak by the total peak area for the entire chromatogram on GC chromatogram with FID and expressed as a percentage.
Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry (GC-O)
GC-O was conducted in a column of 60 m x 0.53 mm i.d. (1 µm film) coated with DB-WAX (J & W Scientific) in the split-less mode. The GC instrument and temperature conditions were the same as those used for the GC analysis. Helium was employed as the carrier gas at a flow rate of 8.3 ml/min. After 1 µl of the aroma concentrate had been injected into the column in the split less mode, the carrier gas was split 1:1 at the outlet of the column and passed through the FID detector and a glass sniffing port at 220oC. Wet air was pumped into the sniffing port at 45 ml/min to quickly remove the odorant and keep the nose moist.
Results and Discussion
Characterizing the volatile components of N. sativa seeds essential oil is necessary to understand its role in food flavor and its potential applications in the fields of medicine. The approximate yield of the volatile flavor concentrates obtained from 25 g of N. sativa seeds was 0.28 g (1.1%) and 0.06 g (0.24%) from Bangladesh and Indian seeds, respectively.

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