Extracurricular Activites

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The Effect of Extracurricular Activities Mary J. Houser University of Illinois Abstract This research sought to examine and determine the relationship between a student’s involvement in extracurricular activities and their grade point average. The participation of extracurricular activities is defined as being an active participant or member of a club, sport, musical group, or academic group on a student’s education campus. Research was gathered from a multitude of sources and previous research. The data and research has shown that there is a positive relationship between the two factors; as a student’s involvement increases, so does his or her grade point average. To look at this relationship more closely and exact, the…show more content…
Many people expect to see students fail or decrease in grade value when they are faced with having to deal with schoolwork in addition to the involvement in an extracurricular activity, but this statistic proves that to be wrong. This grade point average can be seen as a large achievement and is very impressive due to the heavy workload that students are put with during their high school years. Another study shows the comparison of students who are involved in school and their GPA compared to students who are not. The GPA for students who were not participating had an average GPA of 2.2—on a 4.0 scale—verses an average GPA of 2.7 for students who were participating in extracurricular activities (Wang, Shively 2009). This statistic is very significant because emphasizes the importance and effect that high school extracurricular involvement has on students and their GPA. With that being said, there are many different reasons as to why the relationship is the way that it is. One of the reasons that extracurricular activities have such a positive effect on a student’s grade point average is due to the specific size of the school. In a study done in New Jersey and California, it was shown that smaller schools had an overall higher academic success and achievement in their students. This study also found that the smaller schools had a significantly higher percentage of student involvement in extracurricular activities, therefore showing one of the main reasons behind
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