Extradition In The European Extradition

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Although extradition is a general procedure in a criminal justice system , it is quite terrible when people have to be sent to the foreign court and have little help in legal aspects. In recent years, there have been a lot of concerns in the Europe countries that the fast process of extraditions under the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) are biased against the innocent. (The Economist , 2010) Nowadays, the EAW is the automatic process in the European Union country which can extradite wrongdoers or the innocent. (The Economist, 2010) European countries agree to use the EAW because the extradition used to be an extremely slow and inconvenient process. Therefore, the solicitors can take advantages and earn a lump sum of money. Hoping to solve these problems, EU enacted the arrest warrant which can repatriate criminals from other countries and ended the situation. (Spencer, 2010) For example, Osman Hussain, who was a bomber and set off a bomb in London in 2005, was sent from Italy in a very short time because of the EAW. However, the EAW was criticized by critics that it was not fair with people who do not commit a crime and used with improper ways to extradite people from the country to another country. (The Economist, 2010) This essay will argue that there are many reasons why the EAW is unfair and can be considered as a burden on the innocent. However, it is not correct to reject this law but we should support the proposal to improve the procedural rights.

The first reason to
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