Extrajudicial Killing in Bangladesh

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Extra judicial killing is one kind of crime. Any peaceful man does not expect extra judicial killing. It cataract the judiciary and the national human rights commission to make sure that human rights are fully imposed ,not least with value allegations of pain and extra judicial killing by law enforcing agencies of Bangladesh. If there is no punishment for such crimes, there is no restriction emanating from the state and such violence becomes authorized, officially or unofficially. In our country extra judicial killing are mainly occurred by Rapid Action Battalion(RAB)and also other law enforcing agencies like; Police, Ansar ,BGB, Coast Guard . Extra judicial killing is also violation of fundamental human rights. One of
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Members of the law-enforcing agencies are bound by law to produce the person, accused of an offence, to a competent court of law. This is based on the sound principle that those who are authorized to carry arms or otherwise enjoy the coercive powers of the state do not have the authority to impose punishment not recognized by law.

In case of unarmed persons detaining an accused they have to send him to police for necessary action. This is not always the case.. It is least to be expected that all members of Rab are inclined to violate human rights. This applies across the public sector institutions as well as those of non-state actors. Rights are legal, social or ethnical values of freedom or right. And why extra judicial killing is not legal, here given some article of constitution of Bangladesh are given below: 1. Equality before law.(Article-27) 2. Right to protection of law.(Article-31) 3. Protection of right to life and personal liberty.(Article-32) 4. Safeguards as to arrest and detention.(Article-33) 5. Protection in respect of trial and punishment.(Article-35) 6. Freedom of movement.(Article-36) 7. Enforcement of fundamental rights.(Article-44) 8. Saving for certain law.(Article-47)

Types of extra judicial killing in Bangladesh: * Crossfire/encounter/gunfight * Death due to torture * Beaten to death * Shot and killing * Death to torture in custody * Public lynching

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