Extraordinary Rendition : A Political Pinky Promise

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Extraordinary Rendition: A Political Pinky Promise to Not Torture Detainees While many people may have strong feelings about what to do about terrorist regimes they do not know or understand what is currently being done. One of those such things is extraordinary rendition. A process that when successful can lead to valuable information that saves lives but when it fails can result in the torture of innocent bystanders. It is a process which creates a discussion about torture on a global scale and the morality of it. It is a debate between morality and safety that is not as black and white spectators might perceive. It is also an act which causes global powers to rethink they way they perceive each other and their actions. What is Extraordinary Rendition? Extraordinary rendition is when the government of one country detains a supposed terrorist in another country and transfers them to another location without any legal process. This process has also been tied in to transporting a detainee with the intention of moving them to a location where they can be tortured. This is also where the majority of the problems around the process begin. Even though at the root of the process there is nothing inherently tied to torture or advanced interrogation techniques that is what most of the public sees it as.(Tucker 2013) In a more general, and perhaps the stance society takes on the issue, the process can be described as one country kidnapping a could be terrorist and then taking

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