Extraterrestrial Life Or Alien Life

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For a long time, there has been a dispute on whether or not extraterrestrial life or alien life exists. The discovery may not be in the near future, but it is more than likely to happen. Someday we might be able to identify a planet and say that it is just like Earth. Finding life outside of Earth is within reach. Extraterrestrial life is not a myth and there are many reasons why such as evidence from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), discovery of Earth-like planets that orbit a sunlike star, and discoveries on planets closer to Earth. Many scientists believe that we are one of many species in the universe that exist on more planets than just Earth. It would be silly if someone did not believe that there is life on some of the billions of planets to exist in our galaxy alone. NASA has found evidence of another potential solar system. This is a collection of stars orbiting around a single star and is located around 39 light years from Earth. Nasa’s telescope team said it had found a system of seven planets that were all similar in size to Earth (Gaffey). The planets formed farther out from Trappist-1 and then moved inward. This makes it more likely that they could contain some form of water. Volatile compounds (molecules that easily turn to gas) like water are usually concentrated further out in star systems. The fourth, fifth, and six planets orbit in the star’s habitable zone so they are particularly likely to have liquid water on their surface. This
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