Extraterrestrials and Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

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How these marvels of construction came to be has been a mystery for many. It has boggled the minds of even scholars, so much so that they have amassed numerous theories as to how these behemoths of ancient structures were built. Many have come to the conclusion that the challenge of building the great pyramids was far too much for the humans of that time to accomplish. The conclusion many have come to is that man was not alone when building the pyramids, but rather amongst extraterrestrials who implemented advanced technology and knowledge. However, even though this theory of ancient astronauts is popular and even broadcasted by respected media, there is abundant evidence supporting the much more rational explanation that ancient people themselves were responsible for the building of the pyramids. Ancient humans and not terrestrials were entirely responsible for the building of the Great Pyramids of Egypt.There is an immense amount of problems with the ancient astronaut theory, starting with the lack of evidence let alone the chances of alien involvement with humans. Humans had convenient access to the proper resources, They had the proper technology and time, and they had superb social cohesion which would allow for necessary organization and cooperation on such a venture. The problem with the ancient astronaut theory is that many have not looked hard enough for a more…

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