Extreme Body & Auto Care

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In this paper, I will tell you about Extreme Body & Auto Care’s branding, pricing, and distribution strategy. Who are our major competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. Also, our differentiation strategy, our company’s intentions, types of social media and integrated marketing that we used. Extreme Body & Auto Care, branding, pricing and distribution plan Key Components for Prosperous Business • Offer our customer’s a one stop auto care, collision and performance need with high detailed attention to customer service and quality. • Maintain a presence in the local community, automotive shows, automotive racing tracks, and local events. • Maintain quality standards throughout all business operations. • Use all creative marketing aspects to keep customers in tune with our company. • Maintain all media and social media marketing by providing weekly, monthly specials and car shows. • Encourage an open door policy for all employees, vendors, and customers to provide any feedback on ways for our business to grow and to maintain our extreme quality. Objectives • To be known as the number one shop to offer one-stop automotive, collision and performance care. • Maintain media and social media presence by keeping our customers in tune with our company through our website, Facebook, YouTube, local car rallies, car shows, and automotive racing events. • Maintain a minimum 10% to 20% profit margin. • Push the limits by creating new and improve ways to cut cost without
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