Extreme Climate Groups Project : Climate Group Project

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Extreme Climate Group Project
Each group will be assigned to one of the following extreme climate places:
Death Valley, California- Extreme Heat/ Extreme Dry
Antarctica- Extreme Cold
Kauai, Hawaii- Extreme Wet
Sahara Desert- Extreme Dry
Kilimanjaro- Extreme Altitude

You will need to research and explain the following about your location:

Describe the climate: What is the general weather pattern, explain in detail- giving the temperature averages and precipitation. Explain why this place has the type of climate that they do. Identify if this is place is in the tropics, mid-latitude, or high latitude region.
Locate landforms/waterways- do they affect the climate in any way? Explain
Identify living things- Who lives in this area?
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Each team member will be responsible to know the information about their assigned place and give an oral presentation.

As you are researching use the back side of this page for notes.
Name:Lilyon Neddo, Niqolas Wood, Jaccob Geer, Skye Lamountain, Alexis Diamond Group Location: Sahara Desert

A.The Sahara Desert is the world‘s extremely hot climate areas. Also the Sahara Desert is the harshest climate. To my knowledge The Sahara Desert gets less than 10 percent each year 10 percent of rainfall each year in the sahara desert and the rainfall and the water doesn’t stay very long in the summertime because it drys up and evaporation. In The summer, the Sahara Desert’s temperature gets around 136 degrees fahrenheit, the temperature might drop depending on the day could drop down 40 degrees fahrenheit during the evening time. Well I believe that the Sahara Desert is at mid-latitude area, because around the mid-latitude area it is very hot and steamy in the Sahara Desert. Well the amount of rainfall will be evaporated from how hot the desert is.

B. In the Sahara desert, there is the Nile river. The NIle River is the largest river in the world.At the end of the ice age, climate change supposedly formed the Nile River.They have asem heat in the summer it can get up to more then 100%.The hots temper it ever was there is 136.4 is the hot’s temper there.It some times change 50% from night to day.And the water
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