Extreme Couponing

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Extreme Couponing People have defined Extreme Couponing as the act of engaging in really dramatic, above and beyond coupon activities. These activities involve buying in extreme bulk and cutting coupons for hours in order to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The largest reported sale racked up $2,500 in merchandise but only came out to $5 after using coupons. Although many people think couponing is a recent trend, coupons have been around for many years. With all the news on the recent explosion of coupon use there have been many problems for stores and potentially the market. With no signs of Extreme Couponing slowing up, companies need to think of ways to protect their businesses from losing profits and ultimately going…show more content…
All you have to do is like a stores page and then you’re able to get coupons specifically for that store. The newest trend in Extreme Couponing is the use of smart phones. Large companies such as Target and JC Penny have mobile applications that send coupons straight to your phone. Companies are trying to make it easier for consumers to get coupons for incentive to shop at their stores. Many stores are using “Catalinas” which are programs that know what you buy based on your current purchase, or purchases that you have made in the past, and they print off specialized coupons for you at the register. It’s like data mining where it sifts through consumer data, which is identified and analyzed into meaningful relationships. However now that these coupons are so easy for Extreme Couponers to get their hands on, it’s causing problems for many companies. With the perks that come with extreme couponing such as multiple shopping carts full of items and hundreds of dollars being saved, there are also some negative characteristics. These negative characteristics affect marketers, stores, and even the consumers. Extreme couponing is creating more market savvy consumers that are focusing less on brand loyalty; which is a big problem for marketers. According to Viamari “48% of consumers say coupons heavily influence their brand decisions, and 38% of consumers say they would give up some of their favorite brands to save money.”
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