Extreme Ice Survey By James Balog Essay

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One of the photographers, James Balog, is currently working on a project called Extreme Ice Survey where he is photographically documenting the effects of the climate change regarding the melting of glaciers. He is helping the world by providing scientists and the world information on glaciers, how they form, how they melt and how they are going to change the world if we continue to be ignorant of the issue. He has been a part of the National Geographic team for over thirty years and has “broken new conceptual and artistic ground on one of the most important issues of our era: human modification of our planet’s natural systems.” (James Baolog, Founder & Director, Extreme Ice Survey/Founder, Earth Vision Trust.) As mentioned before, National Geographic has its eye constantly on the future with innovation and exploration. Right now, social networking and mobile applications rule our world. Instagram is one of the leading social media applications for photography, and National Geographic photographers are at the top of their game. National Geographic holds the largest Instagram brand at 2.4 million followers. Not to mention that each photographer has their own Instagram as well, and usually reaches well over one hundred thousand followers. This continues sharing the stories and images with followers all over the planet on a more personal level. It also makes exploration and learning as simple as clicking a button. The up and coming generation is more educated than any other

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