Extreme Of The Mohave Dessert

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Extreme in the Mohave dessert
Mohave dessert spread across Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and some part of the State of California and its climate reflects extremes of hot and cold. At winters temperatures are cool, as low as 8 Fahrenheit while the summer reaches about 120 Fahrenheit , winds are present years round blow about 25 MPH regularly and gusts of 75MPH. all the time extreme is unsustainable either for the weather or in any matter.
I was wrong and I learned the lesson in a hard way, mostly when extreme things happen to someone, the first thing come to our mind is taking an extreme measure. I was one of those people who took an extreme measure. My decision moved to Nevada was made in two weeks’ time when -16 Fahrenheit cold weather kicked in South Dakota, and when the days are dark and depression hanged and rolled on my shoulder. I remember those exciting days that I drove from South Dakota to Nevada and how the weather in Nevada open its(his) arms and comforted me; very peaceful and calm down weather, I felted like eating the cold yogurt in a warm weather. I never forget those days, I truly ask the question to myself, how priceless is the beautiful air we breathe in, the sun set sky images of an ombre of dark purple painting behind the mountains, and the moon hangs on the sky before the sun set.
In a month time after I moved, I got a job which I love to work out door. In June The Mohave extreme weather kicked on and I straggled to breath, my eyes narrowed, my skin color
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