Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

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1) Works Cited Foer, Jonathan Safran. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. Boston, MA: Mariner, 2005. Print. 2) Annotation This book is told through the eyes of an extremely smart and funny nine-year-old who is also the narrator, Jonathan Safran Foer. He tells a story of the effects of his fathers tragic death, in the 9/11 terrorist attack, on his father, Oskar Schell, and his family as a whole. Oskar's father not only endured the pain of being trapped in the towers, but was killed due to not being able to escape. To add to the stories allready tragic story line, Oskar's grandparents had also witnessed terrorist attacks, like that of 9/11, during World War II and this brings back their old memories. The peoples horrible deaths in…show more content…
It was really a joy reading it and experiencing the tolls of the tragedies on the narrator as I read. However, it was a very sad and moving story that would have you crying at parts and laughing out loud at others. I would suggest this book to anyone, as long as they enjoy books that might make them a bit emotional. Overall, I thought this was one of the best books I have ever read, just the story line was truly fantastic. 5) Ideas If you enjoyed reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close , you will definitely enjoy reading Everything Is Illuminated by the same author, Jonathan Safran
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