Extrinsic Characteristics Of Freedom Writers

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Freedom Writers was an inspirational movie for all current and future teachers. Erin Gruwell’s passion as she accepts the position as an English teacher in a racially divided high school is outstanding. She went above and beyond to do whatever was possible for her students to receive the best education. In the classroom, she saw the struggles each student was facing and soon accommodated to what their interest were. After watching this movie, I would characterize Erin Gruwell’s motivation for teaching as extrinsic. An example of extrinsic in the classroom was when, she took the students’ to the holocaust museum. She took them on field trips that connected them with the books they were reading in the classroom. When she asked the class if anyone knew what happened during this horrific event, only one child raised his hand. She wanted to change that, and took them on a field trip. The students were so engaging and thrilled that a teacher cared enough to take them and help them expand their knowledge. Gruwell also had a creative approach to teaching. She was able to motivate her students through purchasing them brand new books. Teachers in this school district did not care enough about the students to go to any length to do this for them. As time went one these extrinsic characteristics slowly became intrinsic characteristics within the students. The third extrinsic characteristic Erin Gruwell expressed in the movie Freedom Writers, was by purchasing them notebooks. These notebooks were not meant for anyone else to read, but the students, unless they allowed others to read it. She encouraged the students to just write down their thoughts, both fake or real. This encouraged the students to get out of their comfort zone and express their feelings. Finding a balance between your professional and personal life is crucial. Throughout the movie, Erin Gruwell is faced with many challenges that she has to overcome. Her husband felt that she was spending both too much time and money on these students. She was coming home late, always talking about the students and not paying attention to him. Another, challenge Gruwell was faced with was her colleagues, attacking her and not supporting her. When she talked to another
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