Extrinsic Factors

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Does happiness depend more on intrinsic or extrinsic factors?
“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times; if only one remembers to turn on the light.” J.K Rowling
We are all human beings and I suspect that everybody wants to be happy. That feeling of being happy for me reminds of good and cheerful times with friends spent at the school canteen, sitting all together and spreading juicy gossip. Anybody's version of happiness may be none of your business, however, the stimulus for happiness is subjective and hence hard to measure objectively.
What is the explanation of happiness?
“Happiness” is not only hard to measure, but it is also complicated to individually define it. You can not specify happiness without using a synonym for happiness, and you can not interpret it to
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The solution to understanding feelings like happiness is through examination and experimentation, and by that I mean science.
The Science I would like to talk about is Positive Psychology.
Firstly, the definition of this Science is the study of happiness, flourishing, and what makes life worth living. There are five factors as leading to well-being — engagement, relationships, positive emotion, meaning and purpose, and accomplishment.
Secondly, the aim of Positive Psychology is to study, identify and amplify the strengths and capacities that individuals, families, and society need to thrive (Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi, 2000).
The field of 'positive psychology' is currently a burgeoning one, and its results led to some astonishing conclusions. There is a growing body of evidence that happiness is not something that can be achieved by hard work or good luck. The happiest people seem to be those who are fully engaged in the present, rather than focused on future or past goals.
What can human beings do to boost the likelihood of being happy?
Does happiness depend more on intrinsic or extrinsic
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