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EXW 342 Final Study Guide Social Cognitive Theory What does the Social Cognitive Theory state? -A person’s behavior can be influenced by observing others within the context of social interactions, experiences, and outside media influence. What do we know about learning and performance? -Task can be learned but not performed whereas performance presumes learning Is a result of an individuals training, intellectual capacity, and learning style What do we know about stimuli and learning? -Emotional coping responses- strategies or tactics used to deal with emotional stimuli Too much stimuli inhibits learning and performance Also can generate fear What are aspects of coping(two main aspects) -Solving the material or…show more content…
--Measuring results numbers -Quantitative data Mission Statements -Start with end of mind -Assessment mirrors mission statement How are internal validity and external validity related 7. Breathing How much does ventilation increase when stressed out? -5 full from normal Know how much rhythmic breathing can reduce stress With practice can reduce breathing pattern to 4-6 breathes per minutte Synesthesia? Know what it means and example of this -One sense wrapping around another sense -The brain crosses senses and combines them (ex: smell sound) Know what breathing exercise do and how long they can take? 2min of relaxed breathing Social marketing Difference between social marketing and commercial marketing -Commercial is for profit and gains -Social is for helping somebody What are 4 P’s of marketing? Price Product Promotion Place What are 4 P’s based on?(could you sell something somebody didn’t want?0 Product-must be appealing Price- weighing of cost and benefits Place-availability, convenience Promotion-most use persuasive strategies Know about food labels 1. Structure/Function Claims A. Lowers blood pressure 2. Nutritional Claims A. Good source of Vitamin A or Fiber 3. Health Claims A. May reduce risk of CVD Fear and Confidence Know the Norus Study -we learn something new about fear how we can be so

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