Exxon Mobil

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Company Description Exxon mobile also know as Xom in the New York Stock Exchange is on of the largest producers of fossil fuels. Exxon engages in oil and gas exploration, production, supply, transportation and marketing in a global economy (Bloomberg). They hold over 13 billion barrels of oil in reserve. Exxon also has thirty eight refineries spread over 21 countries (Annual Report). The company also has a thought put capacity of 6.3 million barrels of oil daily.

Target Market Exxon has a huge target market in today’s economy. They not only provide to anyone driving a commercial motor vehicle but also to larger wholesalers. These wholesalers consist of smaller independent gas and service stations that do not have their own refineries. Xom
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These unwavering expectations provide the foundation for our commitments to those with whom we interact (Annual Report).
Vision Statement
-providing reliable, affordable energy supplies in a reasonable manner.
-safely and reliably producing oil, natural gas, and hydrocarbon
-finding and developing new supplies and products to bring to the market
- maximizing resource and asset value
-improving energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impacts
-developing the next generation of scientists and engineers
Strengths: The size of the Corporation is the most obvious strength for Exxon Mobil. Exxon Mobil is affiliated with over 200 countries and territories (Annual Report). There are 6.1 billion shares and over 2.5 million shareholders. Another strength of the company is the diverse workforce that allows them to achieve superior results. Exxon Mobil benefits from the cultural differences, knowledge, and skills of our employees who represent the diverse communities of the world.
Weaknesses: There were three employee fatalities and five contractor fatalities since 2005. However, the company has learned from these incidents and is working hard at preventing such incidents in the future. Also, replacing the oil that is extracted from the locations is another weakness. They also face the challenge of continuing their pace of significant energy efficiency improvements year after year.
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