Eye Care Personal Statement

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How can access to proper eye care help in poverty eradication and promotion of education among the poor communities in the world? This question has occupied my mind for a long time, having come from a poor family myself and experiencing the difficulties of other communities within the third world countries. My drive to become a better person started in India, my country of birth. While my parents were super excited about having a girl as the first child, the rest of the society did not perceive it that way. In India, having a girl as the first born is something that is greatly looked down upon. Some members of the community would even drown their daughters or even take their own lives rather than have a daughter as the first born. But this was not the…show more content…
While most of us have healthy eyes that allow us to appreciate the beauty of the world and those we love, optometric care is something that most people take for granted. Once back in the United States, I decide to start shadowing and volunteering in eye care. Working with doctors in the local area gave me an opportunity to see numerous patients, especially those with glaucoma. Volunteering at Racine Unified District gave me a chance to examine pre-school kids and facilitate their access to eye care and glasses to allow them to study.
I believe that moving to the Unites States was an opening to a career calling that I am quite passionate about. I believe that being an optometrist is the best avenue through which I would be able to give back to those that are in need of eye care and offering them a better quality of life. I believe that by providing basic eye care to others and allowing school aged children to get glasses, I would not only be promoting education but make it possible for parents to help their families. As an optometrist, I believe that I would be able to change the world, one patient at a
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