Eye Ear I Hear Concert Report

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“See” the Melody, “Hear” the Beauty -- Concert review of “Eye Ear I Hear”
On September 20th, I attended the piano concert called “Eye Ear I Hear” performed by Professor Jennifer Blyth at the Rubendall Recital Hall, Weiss Center for the Arts. The concert was present in a unique way that integrate music and written text are combined together in order to convey the audience a sense of unconstrained free association. The concerts mainly consists of two parts – the music works with polyphonic textures created by composers like Bach and Rzewski in the first half, and those pieces with recent technological developments which represent the modern American culture in the second half. I have been greatly impressed by Professor Blyth’s concert and would
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There are a lot of jumps in Blyth’s fingers and the beginning part drew us a picture of harmony and peace. I noticed that Blyth stepped on the paddles a lot of times in order to make some intervals between sections which split the notes up. Through this technique used on peddle, a delightful and dynamic tone was made and one can easily feel the sense of optimism and vitality that the music conveyed. As the melody moves gradually towards a fierce and angry emotion tone, Blyth made big jumps between left and right hands, bouncing back and forth heavily between different ranges of the keyboard. With her body slightly inclining towards the piano, she made some powerful sounds by using the weight of her arms when she dropping her arms onto the keyboard. This also reminds me of some problems in my own practice. When playing some chords, I use the strength of fingers instead of the arm’s, which made it harder to extend the volume and restrict the clearness of the notes. In addition, after the piece reached its climax and getting close to the end, Blyth had her fingers make some small “pinch” to make slight emphases on some notes, without ruining the soft and restful atmosphere in the background, which gave me some inspiration for my future study on piano performance.
In conclusion, through observing the piano performance of Blyth’s concert, I was greatly inspired and learned some performance skills which are
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