Eye Lash Midterm

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Eyelash perming enhances the eye by creating a semi permantent curl in the natural lashes, this gives the natural lash the look of extra length and definition to the eye area by opening up the eyes to make them look bigger. This treatment is ideal for people with busy life and active life styles as its enliminates the use of eye lash curlers and mascarca by having an eyelash tinting treatment before getting eyelashes permed. Eyelash perming usually lasts 4-6 weeks before needing to be redone. The curl grows out as the natural lash grows out with the natural growth of the eyelash. stated “will last for the life of the eyelash, the life spam of a single eyelash is 90days or 3months.” and if you look after them correctly by…show more content…
Perming lotion is then applied evenly over the lashes and cover by a cotton pad or lint pad to generate heat for the lotion to work. Once the perming lotion time is up, it is then gently removed and a fixing lotion is applied along with clean lint pads or cotton pads for around 10-15mins, then the fixing lotion is gentle removed and the rods slowly rolled back releasing the lashes and a cooling moisturising lotion is applied to the eye area. For more detailed information see appendix A and appendix B. The cost of treatment can vary from £35-£40 for just a basic eyelash perm, most salon offer this option but also accompany eyelash perming with eyelash tinting as tinting before perming gives your eyes a fuller effect. The price for tinting and perming goes up to £50. See appendix C and D for price lists from Essential therapy, Edinburgh and Heaven Beauty,…show more content…
According to The Lash Loft website “Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are applied by isolating each individual lash and applying an extension on to the natural lash. The extension will lengthen your lashes as well as adding volume and curl. This makes them perfect for everyday wear. Because they are only attached to 1 individual natural lash at any time, they are completely weightless and extremely comfortable to wear and will NOT cause any damage to your natural lashes.” You can find this information at for a guide on what happens during semi-permanent eyelash extension application see appendix E. According to to maintain eyelash extensions it is required “every 2-3 weeks, providing the correct aftercare is followed.” This is common refill or top up period from the salons that I compared, which are Final Touch in Broxburn, Lessence in Livingston and the lash loft
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