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Eyeballing or manual practice of viewing and analyzing crime maps is a method in which the analysis visually looks at the point scattering in search of the clustered points that are located together (Paynich, n.d., p. 373). This is a method that my department used for years, until the implementation of a data driven method of enforcement along with the use of predictive analytics to reduce fatal crashes. There wasn’t a county post that did have a county map with pins in three (3) different colors differentiating property crashes, injury crashes, and fatal crashes. After viewing the map for the clustered areas, that where the troops where directed to make enforcement efforts. The issues, there were no times, days, or probability associated…show more content…
The methodology used is Tenth-Degree (6.8 mi. x 5.6 mi.) Squares 0.1o latitude by 0.1o longitude Define unique identifier (3 digits of Lat + 3 digits of Lon). Model inputs are weather – clear, cloudy, fog, snow, precipitation, roadway factors – access control codes, surface codes, route signing, road alignment code, road profile code, traffic control function code. Crash – severity, towed indicator, number of units – only data with GIS coordinates available were included in the model. Present results are based on Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) district boundaries, classification using quintiles with graduated colors ("TITAN," n.d.).
The result of detailed crime mapping vs. eyeballing has been remarkable, driving while under the influence arrests have increase of 140%, seat belt enforcement has increased 243% since 2010. Impaired related fatalities have lowered from 28% to 21%, unrestrained fatalities have decreased from 54% to 48%, and seat belt usage rate has risen from 83% to 87% over the same period. Tennessee has experienced five (5) of the six (6) lowest fatality years since 1963 with five (5) times the traffic counts; the fifty (50) year average stands at 1416 and the last five (5) year average stands at 993 ("Crash Data,"
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