Eyelash Extensions

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5 Things to Avoid After Applying Eyelas Extension In the world of make up Eyelash Extensions are prevalent new items that extends and thickens the users own particular eyelashes. In its utilization a single strands of engineered lash extensions are usually bended to recreate a bigger and thicker eyelash. Going by the method, one has to connect every individual natural eyelash with the artificial one, one by one for an attractive and lovely look. If you are one of those who suffers from bad eyelas growth and craves for a beautiful and attractive eye, this is the time you make use of Eyelash Extensions, which are are ideal for special events looks. However it can be worn as an everyday wear as well. Now, if you have already used it then you might know the precautions you should take after applying your lash extensions, but if you are a first time user then you must note the following…show more content…
Detain from Rubbing Your Eyes Frequently Try not to rub your eyes as rubbing will abbreviate the life of the glue used in the extention which may pull off your characteristic lashes. Rubbing might also haul out your natural lashes. Also if you are wiping your face with towel take extra care and instead of rubbing simply pat dry or blotch your face. Shut eyes then permit the expansions to dry normally. Try not to attempt to dry them with the towel or hair dryer. 4. Avoid Exercise As mentioned earlier try not to get your expansions wet for 24 to max 48 hours after using, it is advisable to abstain from working out, and also from steam rooms as sweat or any kind of dampness will reactivate the glue used and might bring about the lashes to stick together. Thus it is very important that you make sure no moisture or dampness get onto your lashes. 5. No Curlers Try not to perm your lashes or utilize any mechanical eyelash styler as these stylers will harm the expansions and perhaps your own natural. The augmentations do have a characteristic twist thus you do not require
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