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2.1 – Critically examine how children can be kept safe and protected within the early years setting.

It is vital for children to be kept safe in the early years setting, it is possible for them for to be at risk for example if there was not enough staff in their setting, if the staff were not police checked or the environment / equipment is not safe.
As a Childcare provider you would need to carry out risk assessments to identify what risks there are to children and what measures can be put in place to ensure that the risk is reduced. The registered person has a responsibility to ensure that the policies are in place, that staff and parents adhere to them and have the opportunity to contribute to them. As mentioned previously, it is
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Before you can allow a child to play you need to ensure that the area is safe for them to do so and you are aware of where the emergency exits are. Check around for any unsuitable items that can harm a child such as sharp objects, pens & pencils, plastic bags or toys that contain small parts and can be swallowed.
Children need to be allowed to explore and try new things and sometimes adults need to stand back and watch from a distance. An example of this is a climbing frame where a child is in danger of falling, a child can climb up and an adult can guide them back down safely instead of carrying them down. This will help increase a child’s confidence. Children can never be 100% safe but they are curious and need to be allowed to discover new things.
When you are in the room with a child you need to keep your attention on what children are doing, If you need to leave the child or become distracted you must put any dangerous item out of reach such as cleaning products or if in a foundation class where there are more than one child ensure that there are other suitable adults there. When you put items out of a child’s reach you need to ensure that there are no leads hanging down that a child could pull down and injure them self if its a heavy object or put them in their mouth and get a shock.
Children need to be taught about danger and stranger danger from an early age.
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