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EYMP 1: Context and Principles for Early Years Provision 1.1 Explain the legal status and principles of the relevant early year’s frameworks and how national and local guidance materials are used in settings. Children deserve and need the best possible start in their lives in order for them to fulfil their full potential in their learning and development (Terry, 2009). A happy, healthy and supportive childhood will help children to achieve the best that they possibly can (Smeyers and Wring, 2007). In 2003 the Laming Report was written following a very serious case of child abuse involving a girl called Victoria Climbie who was physically abused by her great aunt and another adult male. The abuse was so bad, a doctor involved in…show more content…
In the past there have been people that have had theories that relate to child development and learning of children in childcare settings; these people are known as educational pioneers and are well respected as their theories have changed childcare for the better (Meggitt et al, 2011). “Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852), the great German educator, is famous pre-eminently for his radical insight that the first learning experiences of the very young are of crucial importance in influencing not only their later educational achievements but also the health and development of society as a whole” (Weston, 1998). Friedrich Froebel had the idea that children learn best through play and by having real experiences and from these theories he was the founder of the first ever kindergarten in 1840 (Meggitt et al, 2011). Following the theory that children learn best through play, Frobel introduced toys that he called, ‘Froebel Gifts’ or ‘gaben’ which included balls, wooden blocks, rings, tiles and sticks which were all the key elements of Froebel’s kindergarten (Watson, 2002). Froebel’s ideas are very similar to those that construct the EYFS that all childcare providers use today. Here is a table showing a summary of his ideas and how they are similar to and link with the EYFS: Froebel | EYFS | Schools should be closely involved with parents and that they should be welcome to join their children
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