Eymp1 Context and Principles for Early Years Provision Essay

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EYMP1: context and principles for early years provision: i got a pass This bookelt will include criteria 1.1 1.2 1.3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4
1.1 Explain the legal status and principles of the relevant early years framework/s and how national and local guidance materials are used in settings.

All practitioners should understand and know the framework for Early Years provision used within the relevant united kingdom home nation.

In England, pre-school and nursery education is provided for within a wide range of settings including all pre-school groups, play groups , nursery centers, day nurseries, nursery schools and reception classes ( children aged 4-5 years) in primary schools.

The statutory framework for EYFS is set by the government
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This meant that She emphasized manual dexterity exercises. As time went on she used Froebels ideas more and more.
Here is a small summary of McMillan's ideas :-
McMillan believed in first hand experience and active learning to be important.
She emphasized relationships, feelings and ideas as much as the physical aspects of moving and learning.
She believed that children became whole people through play. She thought that play helps them to apply what they know and understand.]

Reference Carolyn Meggit 2011

3.1 Explain the partnership model of working with parents and carers

It is very important to recognise that parents and practitioners have different kinds of relationships with the children in their care. Practitioners need to develop consistent, warm and affectionate relationships with children especially babies but they should not seek to replace the parents. Babies need to be with the same people each and every day to develop social relationships. This is why the EYFS requires all early years settings and schools to implement a key person system. Parents and practitioners have one thing in common that is very important: they all want the best for the child. The roles involved are not the same yet they are complementary. Parents know their own child best. Practitioners have knowledge of general child development.

3.2 review barriers to participation for

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