Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones by Abraham Rattner: Faith is Taking the First Step

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Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones by Abraham Rattner: Faith is taking the first step

We come into this world blind not knowing what is ahead of us, while right in front of us is a world full of color, meaning, and devotion. Abraham Rattner’s painting Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones made in 1963 is a spiritual piece. It’s based of the book of Ezekiel in the old testament of the bible. Ezekiel was a prophet and he had strong beliefs in resurrection. Many people didn’t believe Ezekiel when he spoke about the actual possibility of bones returning to life. With the help of The Lord he was able to show the rest of Israel this belief. The keynote of this art piece is to always have faith. If we have faith in God anything is possible. Rattner
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In the bible it states that one day Jesus Christ will resurrect from the dead and he will return one again. Rattner is portraying the beginning thoughts of this idea of resurrection through Ezekiel and the valley of dried bones. Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones is a very fascinating piece of art by Abraham Rattner. It is a very strong and spiritual piece all revolving around one motif, faith. We must always have faith because if not many things become impossible. Why make things impossible when you have the power of making them possible by just having faith. We don’t have to accept religion but we must allow ourselves to have faith.


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