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Jacob Pope F.A.T City Reaction Paper While watching the F.A.T City video, I must first say that it was an amazing video and that Richard Lavoie should win an award, if he hasn’t already. In this reaction paper, I’ll review some of the same difficulties that I went through as a younger student. I will also describe how this video has impacted me and what I will take away from this video. Also, what will be discussed are three accommodations that I saw in the video. Lastly what will be discussed is my definition of fairness as taken from the video, along with an event in my educational history where I’ve appreciated an accommodation. This is what my reaction paper will consist of. In my first paragraph, I will discuss some…show more content…
Lavoie gave to the answers that he actually did receive whether right or wrong. In an exercise, he didn’t respond to the correct answers, but decided to call out the students who answered the Pope2 questions incorrectly. This reaction, from any student, will make them not want to raise their hands and give the questions a try because if they answer correctly, they get no pat on the back, yet if they answer incorrectly, they are made fun of. This is a feeling that I never want to make my students feel, and I hope that I never do. That was how the video impacted me and what I’ll do in order to deal with it in the future. In my next paragraph, I’ll describe three accommodations in which were used for youth with learning disabilities. The first one that comes to mind is that more time is offered to children with special needs. This should be universal because some children just need more time than others. Another accommodation would be allowing a verbal response to those students who have trouble writing down their answers. This would be very helpful as well. The last accommodation would be preferential seating or something of that nature just to make the student feel comfortable. I feel that accommodations are fantastic when used accordingly. They provide the student with the best, most comfortable way to learn. These were three accommodations that I saw as important. In conclusion, I will
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