F. Kennedy And The Politics Of Expectation

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ohn F. Kennedy and the Politics of Expectation · The lasting effects of FDR’s New Deal were that Americans came to look to Washington for the solution to the nation’s problems. o This continued with John F. Kennedy, who had a plan known as the “New Frontier”, which was called “the politics of expectation.” A. The New Politics o In this new system of politics, mass media played an even larger role. § This was perfect for JFK, as he was not lacking in charisma, style, or personality. · He graduated from Harvard. · Inherited his love for politics from his grandfathers, who were both Boston politicians. · Was a Massachusetts senator. · And was a WWII hero. o The largest…show more content…
B. The Kennedy Administration o Unlike Eisenhower’s “hidden-hand presidency,” John F. Kennedy believed in a federal government that was “visibly active.” o The people Kennedy pulled into his administration to help him do so included… § Former head of Ford, Robert McNamara as secretary of Defense. § C. Douglas Dillon, a renowned Republican banker, as secretary of Treasury. § His younger brother, Robert, whose claim to fame was that he had been a hard-hitting investigator of organized crime. o However, not everyone was pleased with these selections. § “[They] might be every bit as intelligent as you say, but I’d feel a whole lot better about them if just one of them had run for sheriff once,” said House Speaker Sam Rayburn to Lyndon B. Johnson (who was the Vice President for Kennedy, but longtime friend of Rayburn.) 1. The Bay of Pigs § In January of 1961, much like America had done a few years before, the USSR Premier Nikita Khrushchev declared that the Soviet Union would support “wars of national liberation,” wherever they occurred in the world. · JFK saw this as a challenge, and began formulating plans to halt Cuba from entering into the Soviet sphere. § Cuba had recently undergone a communist coup and Fidel Castro had taken power in 1959. · In response, the CIA trained Cuban operatives to create an anti-Castro uprising. ·
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