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F&P Gruppo - Gallo Rice


F&P Gruppo is a private firm specializing in the value-added rice industry that has been a family owned operation for five generations. F&P Gruppo’s Gallo brand name and signature rooster logo is consistently utilized across all product lines and markets.
F&P Gruppo has extensive international operations and its products are sold throughout Europe and South America. Wholly owned subsidiaries and production facilities are located in Argentina, Italy, Germany, and Uruguay. Additionally, F&P Gruppo also has wholly owned subsidiaries in Brazil and Switzerland and a joint venture in the
United Kingdom.

The company’s stated goal was to achieve market share leadership in an
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There are two main strains of rice. Indica grains are long and thin and are fluffy when cooked. These are more popular in northern
Europe. Japonica grains, popular in southern Europe, are shorter, more absorbent, and creamier when cooked. Spain and Italy have increased their production of Indica rice, which has led to a decrease in European rice imports.

There are three primary use categories for the rice industry: processed food production (such as breakfast cereals), beer production, and direct food use. Branding of rice in the direct food use category is important because most of the rice purchased in this category is consumed at home after being purchased from food retailers. Direct food use rice can be subdivided into four primary rice types: white, parboiled, brown, and precooked. White rice is the most popular retail rice in production and is the result of the final milling process, which can be refined to varying degrees. The second most popular retail rice is parboiled white rice. It is prepared through many steps including a special milling, steam-cooking, and drying process (there are over 40 steps in Gallo’s parboiled rice process). Brown rice is milled similarly to white rice, but the bran layer is retained on the rice kernel during the milling process. In response to consumer demands for convenience, precooked rice is

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