F Scott Fitzgerald Writing Style

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Wealth, women, and writing, are all words that describe F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life. Fitzgerald started writing at a young age and did not become famous right away. He fell in love with a southern belle, Zelda Fitzgerald, while he was in the army. Fitzgerald wrote for the rest of his life, he died at the age of forty-four. He also has a particular writing style, such as using vivid imagery and a constant setting. Fitzgerald made connections from his life into his writing by including the societal standards of women and the time period.
F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota. His mother, Mary McQuillan, was from Irish descent. His father, Edward Fitzgerald, tried to provide for the family. At first, he was a manufacturer but he was not successful, so he went into the sales business in New York. The Fitzgerald family then moved to New York for Edward’s work, but eventually moved back to St. Paul. The family then lived off of Mary’s inheritance (Bruccoli). Fitzgerald published his first story at thirteen years old in the school newspaper, it was a detective story (O’Connor). This was the beginning of his writing career.
Fitzgerald started college at Princeton and was a part of the class of 1917. While attending Princeton, he kept busy by writing lyrics and scripts for the Princeton Triangle Club musicals. He also wrote for two magazines, the Princeton Tiger and the Nassau Literary magazine (Bruccoli). Later in his college career, he dropped out
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