F. Scott Fitzgerald 's Babylon Revisited

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Babylon Revisited” is a touching and intense short story about a man name Charlie who faced issued in his past and resorted to excessive consumption of alcohol and an immature lifestyle. However, Charlie wants to let the past go and is determine to remain sober and continue his life with his daughter Honoria who he has lost custody of. What may have led Charlie to become an alcoholic were his complications with his finances and marital issues. “Alcoholics families” suffer from stress, are more likely to be separated and have a lower income in comparison to “non-alcoholic families” (1619). Charlie’s wife, Helen, died of heart problems but Helen’s sister, Marion Peters, chooses to believe that Charlie had some interference with her death. Currently Charlie’s daughter, Honoria, is living with Marion and Lincoln. Now that Charlie is in a stable state financially and has been sober for a year and a half he is committed to revisit his daughter in hopes to establish a lost father and daughter relationship. Although, Charlie wants to become a better man for himself and Honoria, his past as an alcoholic as well Marion’s distrust in him is withholding Charlie from regaining custody and a connection with his daughter. The conservation Charlie has with the bartender in the opening of the story conjectured that Charlie was well known in the bar as a heavy drinker. When Charlie turns down another drink from the bartender, the bartender replies with,…
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