F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream is defined as the idea of working for the necessities in life: a house that is capable of housing a family, a loving family, and a job that supplies these necessities. This idea also consists of living in a society that is not restricted by social classes and allowing people of the society to have freedom to choose where they belong. The American Dream was and still could be the main focus of people who are going out on their own to create a family. However, F. Scott Fitzgerald took a different route in his most famous novel. Fitzgerald uses his book, The Great Gatsby, to show how the idea of the American Dream is slowly dying in the society he created. Although the American Dream was prevalent during the time The Great Gatsby took place in, F. Scott Fitzgerald went against the social norm of believing in this idea and revolved his novel around the idea of how the American Dream is falling apart for the main reason that it helps show the struggle the characters have in the novel. For example, most people during this time were part of the “working class” because money was somewhat hard to come by and if people wanted to support a family and acquire the things they needed or wanted in life, they had to work for it. The only characters who seem to follow this idea are Nick Carraway and George Wilson. Nick moved east to pursue a career that would make him enough money to live a life of his own and George works at his own shop and he lives in that shop due
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