F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald Compared To Jay Gatsby The Great Gatsby was published in 1925 and is one of Fitzgerald 's best published books. It was written during the summer and fall near St. Raphael. When he first published it, the sales of The Great Gatsby were horrible. It received a critical praise, but the book did not bring him any profit. The Great Gatsby was published in the Jazz Age and became well received. It was an improvement in Fitzgerald 's technique and structure in writing. The Great Gatsby was a portrait of The Roaring Twenties and was one of the greatest novels published at the time. The Great Gatsby has two lovers, Jay Gatsby and Daisy, who cannot be together because Daisy already has a husband. Jay Gatsby is determined…show more content…
Paul, Minnesota. Fitzgerald was always good in literature and writing books. His father was a salesman and his mother inherited the fortune of her mother. Fitzgerald 's mother lost two children before Fitzgerald was born. Fitzgerald grew up in the middle class and around Catholics. Fitzgerald attended the Princeton University in 1913 and later dropped out due to academic probation. He was convinced that he would not graduate, so he dropped out and went to serve in the army. He was commissioned a second lieutenant of the infantry in 1917. He was transferred to Camp Sheridan near Montgomery, Alabama. While at Camp Sheridan, Fitzgerald met the beautiful eighteen-year-old Zelda Sayre. Fitzgerald fell in love with Zelda and he was inspired by their love to be successful. He became optimistic to become successful, so he focused on a rejected novel;but it was rejected a second time. When the war ended in 1919, Fitzgerald was discharged from the army and went to New York City to continue his ambitions of being successful. He started in advertising lucrative for a constant income. He tried to convince Zelda to marry, but it seemed that he was not making enough to persuade her for marriage. She became weary of him to get his fortune and broke their engagement. She insisted that he finds success on his own. Fitzgerald quit his job and leaves New York City. Disappointed and hurt, Fitzgerald wrote This Side of Paradise which related to his
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