F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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423169 Prompt #4 No Comments Lim [f (x)] -> 0 = ∞ ... The Limit as X Approaches Infinity Humans continually search for success. This success surfaces in forms such as fortune, fame, glory, et cetera. The American Dream encapsulates the ideals of the “New World,” bringing together not only the idea of limitless success, but also its newfound availability and encouragement for embracing the promise land. The Great Gatsby explores the American Dream and “the actual nature of this dream... the manner in which people try to achieve it, as well as the moral implications their actions bring” (Smiljanić, 2). Through The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald reveals the truth of the American Dream by showing that it incorporates the drive for prosperity as well as the actual prosperity itself, but ultimately, the class distinctions amongst Americans, and the never ending search for fulfillment, prevent the dream from being achieved. Fitzgerald’s character, Jay Gatsby, embodies the essence of the American Dream. This manifests through his determination for opulence, and in addition his material items which prove his precise accomplishments. Gatsby works tirelessly to transform himself from James Gatz, “a penniless young man without a past” and “no comfortable family standing behind him,” into the perfect “platonic conception of himself” (Fitzgerald: 149, 98). The American Dream encompasses the notion that through hard work, there is an “opportunity for prosperity and success,
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