F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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Achieving the American Dream means reaching a level of material wealth and social status to almost everyone. Although most people think they would pursue the American Dream with integrity and sincerity, the allure of material wealth often leads people to compromise.Their moral compass often becomes relative and their relational pursuits often become predatory. Throughout The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald depicts the morality of society and the pursuit of the American dream through his characters’ actions and worldviews. The pursuit and ideals of the American Dream are displayed in a manner for all to believe that once achieved they will be satisfied. However, the sinful nature of the characters lead to the corruption of these…show more content…
He would never have the pedigree of those of the East Egg. The incessant drive for materialistic possessions was a significant factor in the destruction of many characters morality, thus leading to the impending downfall of the American Dream.The main character of the novel, Gatsby, had extensive material wealth that displays the illusionment of material wealth giving him true happiness. (Emin Tunc, Tanfer).His accumulation of meaningless, materialistic trophies, such as his piles of silk shirts, ostentatious car, extravagant mansion, and a library of unread books should have brought him true happiness. To Gatsby these status symbols are the American dream. (Emin Tunc, Tanfer). However, they never brought him the ultimate fulfillment he desired. Myrtle was consumed by materialism, spiritual emptiness, and elusive dreams. (Emin Tunc, Tanfer).Her drive for materialistic things was endorsed by Tom Buchanan, as she was his mistress. His old wealth and gifts were so meaningful to her she took his beatings in exchange for a glimpse of the dream. However, her lack of social graces lead her to be unsatisfied because she would never fit the mold of old money. As Myrtle died with her mouth ripped open, as if gasping for air, because her vision of the American Dream has left her suffocating in the valley of ashes. The only way out became using her body to acquire the materialism that she believed
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