Essay on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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The 1920s was a time of excess and growth. Economically, it was a time for great financial gain. Largely because of improvements in technology, productivity increased while overall production costs decreased, and the economy grew. Not only was this time filled with prosperity, but corruption as well. People who had previously worked day and night finally acquired leisure time. Some of the most wealthy people made the choice to fill this free time with gluttony and lust. Many authors during this time believed that the excessive spending and consumption would surely lead to ruin. Although many people associate good times and carefree abandon with the reverie of the 1920s, some also suggest a hidden, much darker side. In his…show more content…
Although Gatsby claims he just does some business on the side, after Gatsby's death a caller intending to talk to Gatsby declares to Nick, "Young Parke's in trouble… They picked him up when he handed the bonds over the counter. They got a circular from New York giving 'em the numbers just five minutes before" (Fitzgerald 174). This call signifies that Gatsby is not only involved in bootlegging, but also in securities fraud, a serious federal offense. Gatsby's participation in illegal activities in order to achieve his dream of love shows how corrupt the American Dream became. These illegal acts required to obtain the American Dream lower the American Dream onto an immoral path leading to even more corruption. This path of obtaining the American Dream shows further corruption when Jay Gatsby, who finally acquires the fortune necessary to win the affection of Daisy, partakes in an affair with Daisy. When trying to make his dream of acquiring Daisy come true, Gatsby's immoral actions continue even though he is fully aware of Daisy's husband. This disgusting display of infidelity is further acknowledged when Daisy, upon Tom leaving the room, "pulled [Gatsby's] face down kissing him on the mouth" (Fitzgerald 122). This mutual display of affection in front of friends and family symbolizes the immoral actions
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