F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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Nick Carraway is who narrates this story He is a very opened minded, nice, quite guy from Minnesota. Nick travels to New York and rents a house in the West Egg side of Long Island. West Egg is where all the people who have just made their fortune live. Although Nick lived in the West Egg side he had many connections with the people on the East Egg side. Nick had a wealthy and attractive neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby lives in a mansion and has extravagant parties every Saturday. Gatsby’s real name is James Gatz and he was born at a farm in North Dakota. He went to St. Olaf’s University but dropped out two weeks later do to the humiliation of being a janitor. One day he was fishing at Lake Superior and he saw a yacht owned by Dan Cody. He…show more content…
Gatsby calls a man to go play the piano and he plays a popular song called “Ain’t We Got Fun?” Nick realizes that daisy and Gatsby have forgotten that he was there and he decides to leave and let them be alone for a while. Nick stops by Gatsby’s house and is surprised to see Tom Buchanan there. Gatsby invites Tom and Mr. and Mrs. Sloane to stay for dinner but they refuse the offer. Therefore to be polite they invite Gatsby for dinner but what he doesn’t realize is the real purpose on why they are inviting him. Tom is staring to suspect on Daisy and Gatsby. On Saturday Tom and Daisy go to one of Gatsby’s party and keeps an eye on Daisy. At the party Tom tells Daisy the real reason why Gatsby was so wealthy and tells her that he sells illegal alcohol. Gatsby was very disappointed because Daisy hadn’t enjoyed the party and he decides to call off his parties. He fires his servants as well to prevent any rumors. On one hot day, Nick trailed to the East Egg and finds Jordan and Gatsby already there. A nurse brings out daisy’s baby and Gatsby was stunned. Daisy asks Gatsby if he wanted to go to the city and Tom is now certain of the romance between them. Tom then suggests that they should all go to the city and meet at the Plaza Hotel. Tom then starts accusing Gatsby of lying about going to college and asks him his real intentions for Daisy and Gatsby tell him that she loves him and not Tom. He sends Gatsby and Daisy to Long Island and while they were driving
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