F108 Managing Army Change Summary Review Notes

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F108 Managing Army Change Summary Review
Welcome to the review of the lessons that compose the F100 block. This review is organized by lessons F101 through F107.

F101, Strategic Change
F102, Developing Army Organizational Capability
F103, Total Army Analysis (TAA) and Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE)
F104, Developing Materiel Capabilities (Acquisition)
F105, Manning the Army
F106, Army Force Generation
F107, Operational Contract Support
There are no specific reading requirements unique to this lesson; we assume that you have read all the reading assignments pertaining to each individual lesson.

F101 Strategic Change

During this lesson, you were introduced to the strategic agencies and the force management processes
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The Army emphasis during Phase 1 is to analyze the capability gap from their DOTMLPF perspectives and to further refine concep
Phase 2: Design Organizations. The Design Organizations phase analyzes the proposed organization for doctrinal correctness.
Phase 3: Develop Organizational Models. Phase 3 of the Army Force Development Model transitions organizational development responsibilities from the TRADO
Phase 4: Determine Organizational Authorizations. This phase is the analysis stage for determining the Army force structure "mix" or how organizations (resourc
Phase 5: Document Organizational Authorizations. This process results in the generation of organizational authorizations documented as modification tables of o

F103 Total Army Analysis (TAA) and Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPB

During this lesson, you continued to focus on the key agencies and major force management processes used in developing warfighting capability provided to combatant comm

Force Management
PPBE is the DOD 's primary resource management system.
PPBE ties together strategy, programs, and resources.
It makes and captures decisions and is a decision support system for modernization, readiness, force structure, etc.
Its purpose is to produce a plan, program, and a defense budget that is strategy

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