F9k1110 Unit 3 Research Paper

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It's time to experience high speed and frustration free internet browsing and home networking. The Belkin N750 (F9K1103) DB Gigabit Wireless N+ router is a well rounded and feature packed home network upgrade. Slow downloads, dropped connections and lagging game-play are all a thing of the past with the N750 from Belkin.

Wi-fi speeds are drastically improved over older routers by leveraging dual-band technology with the N750. The wireless signal connects at both the 2.5 GHz and 5.0 GHz band and uses the wireless N standard. This allows this router to reach wireless download speeds of up to 900 Mbps combined. All of your wifi enabled devices will have no problem staying connected with this Belkin wireless router. Quick and easy setup is possible
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This traffic shaping tech prioritizes gaming and video streaming to smooth out connection speeds for a better overall experience. This is done by allocating and limiting portions of the bandwidth based on the type of data being transferred. If someone gets on one computer and starts a large download, it will not affect someone watching a movie on a different computer.

Gigabit ethernet connections for both the WAN and LAN ensure the fastest file transfer speeds available. This prevents any bottlenecks between the router and modem to take full advantage of your high speed internet connection. Additionally, file sharing between up to 4 ethernet connected home computers will be lightning fast.

Belkin has included it's MultiBeam antenna technology that minimizes signal dead spots. Walls and obstructions can cause signal loss, and this feature corrects for that as much as possible. Additionally, the Self-Healing feature will detect connection and network issues automatically a repair them for you.

Two USB 2.0 ports allow this router to be easily connected to a network-enabled printer or shared file storage. On top of that, it features a media server by myTWONKY that makes photo sharing and video streaming incredibly easy. The USB ports also allow for setting up automatic backup
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