FBI Ethics Case Study

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Ethics and Government The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has the reputation as the world’s premier law enforcement agency with a vision to stay ahead of the threat through leadership, agility, and integration. (FBI's Strategy, 2017). As an intelligence-driven and threat-focused national security organization, the mission of the FBI is to protect the American people by upholding the Constitution of the United States, defend the US against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats; uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the US; and provide leadership and guidance of criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, international agencies and partners. (Today's FBI Facts & Figures, 2014). The FBI enjoys a reputation as one of the finest law enforcement organizations in the world and its reputation is largely dependent upon the conduct of its personnel, both in their official and personal capacities; therefore the FBI expects its…show more content…
In comparing the work between government and private sectors, Smith discovered EOs in corporate settings are primarily concerned with overseeing the ethical conduct of all employees within the organization which expands cases involving waste, abuse, fraud and poor management. In examining the role of EOs in public service, Smith resolved the research to be very challenging due to the various roles and responsibilities, lack of uniformity in job descriptions, and the inconsistencies in the diverse layers of government. (Smith, 2003). The availability of research on the definitive roles of EOs in the private sector enabled him to identify the commonality of the functions and characteristics of EOs in both cultures. (Smith,
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