FBI's Capture and Prosecution of Mitnick Essay

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Highlight the main ethical issues that this case brings to light and critically apply :  Consequence based  Duty based  Character based Ethical theories to discuss whether the FBI were correct in attempting to capture and prosecute Mitnick. Introduction to ethics “Ethics”, in general, is nothing but a principle of conduct. Ethics can also be defined as moral philosophy which is used to answer questions related to morality. The word ‘Ethics’ has been derived from the Greek word ‘Ethos’ which simply meant “the state of being” or “to keep ones soul pure”. The sub divisions of ethics are as follows; 1. Meta-ethics – Study of meta-ethics deals with the understanding of the working of ethical properties and…show more content…
The arrest of Kevin Mitnick by the FBI, aided by Tsutomu Shimomura a renowned computer security expert, has many ethical issues involved which needs to be discussed on a broader scale for thorough understanding of ethical concepts of technology. Let us first discuss the three ethical theories on which the case of Kevin Mitnick will be judged.  Consequence based  Duty based  Character based Consequence Based Ethical Theory: - Advocated by Jeremy Banthan Let us first discuss Utilitarianism, on which, lies the whole development of the consequence based ethical theory. Utilitarianism can be defined as : “An individual act (x) or a social policy (y) is morally punishable if consequences resulting from (x) and (y) produce greatest amount of good for the greatest number of persons affected by that policy”. All the people who believe and abide by the concept of utilitarianism are known as ‘Utilitarian’s. Utilitarian’s have always argued that the consequences by an act to the greatest number of individuals in a given society deserve consideration in moral deliberation. They believe that if an act produces happiness to the majority of people, then that act should be allowed. e.g. Let us imagine a car

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