FBLA Personal Goals

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Whenever I first started high school, I wasn't sure of what clubs and sports I wanted to be present in. I have consistently been the person to set my mind to something and then run far, far, away with it. For some reason I always had the problem to get past the first step; discovering what I wanted to run far away with. At hand, my freshman year I don't honestly think it was ever a question that I had the "Alpha" personality. I wanted to lead my life in a strong direction so, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) seemed like more than the perfect club for me. It seemed effortless to me at first. You pay the twenty dollars to receive a shirt, free food and watch all the upper-classman struggle with competitions, seemed smooth enough to me. Until my sophomore year whenever my classmates convinced me to attend in an Economics Public Speaking competition. Me and two other of my friends wanted to compete as a group. We studied for months. Months of requesting off work, foresakeing my family, and staying up late. I think that is when I truly found my devotion for leadership, competition, and being forced to use my brain in ways I didn't know was possible at fifteen. Sweaty palms and hot faces on December 2nd of 2014 we went into…show more content…
While going to school, I consitentily worked a part-time job of at least 25-35 hours a week. My boss was never too lenient with our employees requesting time off work so there was many of hours I had to explain the importance of this club to me. I honestly just wanted to work all the time and save up for my own car. My parents never made much money and if I ever wanted something in life, then I better start working for it. I knew all work and no "play" wasn't want me, my parents', or God wanted from me. Being in FBLA gave me a feeling of accomplishment that I never received in any other aspects of my life. Leadership and business is where my heart and mind
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