FCCLA Career Plan

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State Projects
There are eleven state projects that any FCCLA member can complete for State Conference. This year there will be two new projects added to the list, one being Trend Board and the other one being Recruit. In order to attend State Leadership Conference as a member of FCCLA you will have to complete one state project.

Career Exploration: Overview: Career Exploration is a project distinguishing individual students who use the planning process to study careers, assess skills, and form a career plan. Students must form a portfolio and complete the planning process summary page, demonstrating the knowledge gained about the career researched.

Early Childhood Healthy Snack: Overview: Early Childhood Healthy Snack Preparation, a separate
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To take action I would have the law enforcement set up a crash course to show to the community and the local youth. The crash course will show accidents that could happen when you don’t follow the law enforcement rules, such as, drinking and driving, texting and driving, etc. I would have members in my club play the people that would have been in the crash. Theses crash courses will be setup by the law enforcement officers and no one will be injured. All participating members will be acting the whole time to provide a crash-like scene. This will give the audience a live scene view of what could happen to them, when disobeying the rules. I believe when people see what could happen to them in real life and not pictures, it will have more of an impact on them. I drive safe, do…show more content…
This will help to make a positive impact on our families, schools, and communities. In order to Empower others, we first have to Empower ourselves. That leads us to our first goal as Leaders of America this year, to make the right choices and makes a positive impact within our families, communities, schools, and FCCLA. FCCLA is Empowering in two noteworthy ways. First, through the newly updated Student Body National Program Guide released early this past summer. The program guide is a peer education curriculum planned to help students learn and practice how to be healthy, fit, real, and resilient, Empowering them to make the best choices for their own health and assisting their families, classmates, friends, and neighbors to do the same. Secondly, through a strong membership recruitment campaign themed “Go For the Red”. The campaign and its recruitment information and posters, arriving in classrooms this past fall Empowers local chapters to take the top in boosting their membership numbers and enhancing their contributions to prospective members, thereby increasing the membership numbers, instructive contributions, and leadership opportunities of FCCLA as a whole, which will Empower the organization to reach new people and achieve greater
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