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A good image that the FDA has worked on, changed, and edited is their MyPlate. It was a triangle and now after more evidence, it has changed to a plate. It is helpful has people can use it as an actual representation of their plate at home. It shows the portions that a person should eat in each food group. According to the USDA, female adults need on average 2,000 calories while adult males need around 2,400 calories a day. The USDA recommend eating a low saturated fat, sodium and sugar diet while getting all the 5 basic food groups in at each meal. This is a good plan to follow unless a person lives a very active lifestyle. For those people who do not work out and are sedentary, these recommendations will keep them healthy. For those who…show more content…
It teaches a person how to look for healthy carbs in foods. It also requires no calorie counting. With most good things comes bad things. Scott also said this diet can raise ldl levels to an unhealthy level. Fatigue is very common throughout. In Phase 1 and 2, the foods that a person can eat are on a very strict list. After the diet is completed, it is not uncommon to see someone binge and regain all the weight back. Emotionally, this diet can mess with the hormones of a person and can lead the person to act differently. With tiredness, a person can become crabby and irritable. With the high risk of gaining all the weight back after the diet, a person can become depressed and have low self-esteem. The Atkin’s diet has a food pyramid of its own that resembles one done by the FDA. Instead of the whole grains at the bottom like the FDA’s, proteins fill up the biggest part of the Atkin’s pyramid. According to the Atkin’s Diet, vegetables are the next step up on the list rather than sharing the step with fruits on the FDA’s. The FDA also gives recommendations on how much food a person should eat whereas the diet does not if it is in the correct food group. Atkin’s is very anti- carbohydrates and the FDA recommends consuming some carbs in the diet. In order to make this diet line up more with the FDA, it needs to have carbs added back in to an extent. The amount of protein people consume on this diet can become

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